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RC Logger Viewer Software (for Microsoft Windows operating systems)

The software has an all-in-graphical user interface with four main views showing various data, depending on which Add-On modules are connected to the main unit while logging data. The software allows viewing the recorded video material as well as the synchronized data collected from the modules. It is possible to analyze the data recorded, export data to other softwares e.g. Microsoft Ecxel, trim your video and save the data into project files as well the controlling of the RC Logger hardware settings. The software is provided together with the main unit and includes an automatic update announcement. The software supports the RC Logger HD2 and the RC Logger PRO camera, and allows to display all add-on module (GPS, Power & RPM, Environmental, Orientation/ G-Force, OSD Module, 5.8 GHz Video TX/RX Module) data.

A detailed explanation how to use/ work with the software can be found in the Viewer Manual.

RC Logger Commander Software (for Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows user)

The software is supporting 32- and 64- bit PC systems as well as MAC OS based systems. This software offers all features of the Viewer software and even more. It shows the data with the new graphical UI. There is also a graphical real time on screen display for flight video and telemetry data. The simulation of 3D flight path on Google Earth 3D Map and flight orientation with 3D model object is possible. Link for the download of the RC Logger Viewer Software.

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