RC Logger HD2 and PRO Camera

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RC Logger HD2 and PRO Camera

RC Logger HD2 Camera

RC Logger HD2 Camera with a Lens

The RC Logger HD2 Camera combines data and image capturing into one device allowing synchronized telemetry data and high density imaging collection during flight. The integrated data bus connects up to four sensor modules. Allowing to capture GPS data, motor temperature, current flow and other telemetry data (as the payload is limited on the EOX it’s possible to attach just one module). The camera can be triggered manually or automatically in video and image modes via connection via between the trigger port on the HD2 and a free RX channel. The minimum photo interval is 1 second and could also be customized by using the RC Logger software. The camera can be powered by internal battery or via trigger port cable form the receiver.

Tutorial video for triggering the camera.

RC Logger PRO Camera

RC Logger PRO Camera

The RC Logger PRO Camera has the same characteristics as the HD2. It’s possible to connect up to eight sensor module. Improvements are a direct AV-output to connect with a monitor or video transmission TX. 3 LED’s show you different states of the camera, the record, status and charge - mode. The status mode indicates if the AV cable is connected, if the PRO is receiving a IR command or the status from the attached modules. The delivery contents a remote control to control the Camera.

Tutorial video for triggering the camera.

Compatible lenses for the camera

For the RC Logger Pro and HD2 cameras are three Lenses available. The lenses can easily be screwed on. Available lenses: Telephoto Lens (2X), Wide-angle Lens (0.68X) and a Fish-eye Lens (180 deg.). All the high-quality lenses have a solid aluminum housing. Content of the package: Camera, 2 protective cap and a protective bag for the lens.

For further information click here.

Mounting of the camera

Xtreme with RC Logger PRO Camera

Possibilities to attach the cameras in combination with the Xtreme Aerial Kit onto the EOX:

  • Adhesive with the Gel Pad. This adhesive also provides vibration dampening and can be re-used by cleaning off dust with water.
  • Attaching with the Action Mount Kit. With this kit the cameras and other modules can be mounted on different platforms such as the EOX, bicycles, cars or other RC models.
  • Attaching with a hook and loop fastener.

But the easiest way is, to purchase the Xtreme Aerial Kit. The kit includes the long lending legs 4 x 3.11 inches (79mm), the long propellers 4 x 5.91 inches (150mm), 2 spinners, 2 washers, the 1150 mAh battery and the camera tray. After the installation of this kit you can start to film with your EOX.

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