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The RC Logger WiKi

RC Logger is an own brand of Conrad Electronic International (CEI), which belongs to the Conrad Group in Germany. RC Logger produces remote controlled products and accessories. The Team provides the full range of service, starting from innovative product development, selling the products, technical - and after sale support.

RC Logger offers - quadcopters, which is the “RC EYE” family and products for R/C hobbyists. RC Logger was established back in the year 2010.

The most popular model is the RC EYE One Xtreme. Other available models are the RC EYE 450, RC EYE One, RC EYE One S.

The RC Logger developer team has stared a new WiKi knowledge base. Our objective is to share knowledge and experience between our customers, supporters and developers. The RC Logger WiKi is currently in development stage. Our team is working excitedly to get the most important content added. If you would like to contribute to our WiKi please contact us using our RCLogger.Com on-line contact form. This WiKi is a knowledge base, it is not a support forum or simple developers blog. It is aimed at sharing product knowledge and experience among various users. For product support inquiries please continue to visit the official support forum.

RC EYE Family

Commercial and purchasing details are available at RCLogger.Com [1].

Definitions RC Logger Technologies & Systems

Compatible Add-On Modules

Compatible Cameras & Gimbals

Projects, prototypes and future Developments

WiKi and Language Policies

There is a long way to go until we have completed this WiKi project. In fact, it may never really get completed since we will continue to innovate and create new ideas resulting in new products. As soon as pages are ready for initial release we will be adding page links onto the respective main pages accessible from the sidebar navigation. Content will be provided in at least 2 languages, they are 'English (en)' and 'German (de)'. If you would like to contribute your language, just contact us. You may select the WiKi's main language from the sidebar and choose the respective content language from each content page by clicking on your preferred language link just below the page content.

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