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EYE Loader Software

The following models are Firmware upgradable:

  • RC EYE NovaX 350
  • RC EYE Navigator 250
  • RC EYE Twist 300

For the upgrade you need to have the EYE Loader Software. The software is downloadable on the RC Logger Homepage. The software is supports Windows XP / 7 - 32 & 64 bit / 8 - 32 & 64 bit systems.

How to do the upgrade

The firmware upgrade is only possible if the unit is without/ disconnected from the battery.

After downloading/ installing the EYE Loader Software you need to click BROWSE, there you can find the latest firmware of you model. Then, connect the Unit to your PC (via Micro USB). Push the black button on the Control Board (no. 14) while connecting the micro USB cable to the Control Board (no. 16) - a green CONNECTED sign is released on the software. If you don't do it simultaneously there won't be a connection. Click FIRMWARE UPLOAD to upgrade the firmware.

RC EYE One Xtreme

V31 (orange sticker on the firmware)

Flight Control Board Technical Release

  • The improvements comprised: Gyro reset is now possible only while motors are turned off (not armed). In previous firmware versions, user was able to reset while motor are spinning in idle mode. It’s an additional safety improvement.
  • Stock transmitter and OneLINK check frame added. Every received rf (radio frequency) signal frame will be checked in addition to the CRC checksum to prevent glitches and false trimming values to prevent flip to one direction to and small throttle jumps due to corrupt rf signal frame reception which was caused from other interference from other rf sources.
  • Optimized Auto flip function (ARCO Mode) to recover to stable flight positon fast and consistently.
  • Changing of the flight modes from Beginner-to Sport- and Expert-mode is only possible when the throttle stick is at full zero to prevent accidental changing.
  • Added a signal filter which additionally filters each channel RC input, to further prevent unintentional roll/ nick and throttle jumps.
  • Orientation LED indicated Low Voltage (LV). Additionally flight batteries prevent from being discharged below 3.3V / DC. Even if the LED’s are tuned of before the flight. This feature helps to identify damaged batteries and assist in preventing units from falling.
  • Added 270 Ohm SMD resistor to allow MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) to drop its voltage faster after battery has been removed or not connected correctly (removed and reconnected too fast). This modification has been added to address the issue where one side of motors may not start consistently.

The update required for the costumers just a minimum service fee of USD 7.50 and the one way shipping fee to RC Logger service location in Hong Kong. The replacement took place from 25th June until 31st August 214.

V32 (green sticker on the firmware)

Some hardware modifications have taken place. The green sticker indicates that the Xtreme is installed with the newest firmware.

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